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Kinga Gortel
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Kinga Gortel

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Kinga has been in private dermatology referral practice since becoming board certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology in 1999. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995, and completed an internship, residency, and masters degree program at the University of Illinois. Before moving to Kelowna she spent seven years in a multi-dermatologist practice in southern California. Her affinity for outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and ski touring have made British Columbia a natural fit.

In addition to clinical practice, Kinga is an active teacher, lecturer, and writer. She is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine, and also enjoys teaching at the Atlantic Veterinary College and W.C.V.M. Her various publications include chapters on ear flushing and video otoscopy in Ettinger & Feldman’s Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor.

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Our hospital offers extensive Dermatology Services with Dr. Kinga Gortel. As a board-certified veterinary dermatologist Dr. Gortel specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of benign and malignant disorders of the ears, skin, mouth, hair, and nails and in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders in pets.

Dermatology services offered include the assessment and treatment of:

Allergic skin disease, including

  • intradermal allergy testing and/or serologic allergy testing for indoor and outdoor environmental allergens
  • allergen-specific immunotherapy (hyposensitization, “allergy shots”)
  • multimodal long term management of patients with allergic dermatitis
  • oral, injectable, and topical therapies for the management of allergic symptoms tailored to each patient

Ear diseases, including:

  • video otoscopic examination, ear canal flushing, and myringotomy/middle ear flushing for patients with chronic or recurrent otitis
  • identification and treatment of predisposing, primary, and perpetuating causes for recurrent ear infections
  • chronic recurrent bacterial skin infections, including methicillin-resistant staphylococci
  • fungal skin diseases such as Malassezia dermatitis and "ringworm", including testing and immunotherapy for Malassezia hypersensitivity
  • alopecic and endocrine disorders, immune-mediated diseases, nail and footpad disorders, parasitic skin diseases, skin cancers and paraneoplastic syndromes
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