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Pain Management

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Birko (Large Münsterländer)
MIka and Hawkeye (DSH)
Revina (Golden)
Henrietta (tortoise)
6 chickens
2 ponies (Ruby & Finya)
Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Mosley is a boarded anesthesiologist that works as an anesthesiologist and provides care for chronic pain patients in her Integrative Pain Clinic. She graduated from the University of Leipzig in Germany and completed her thesis in Munich. She completed an anesthesia internship in Glasgow, Scotland and a residency in anesthesia and analgesia at the University of Washington and Florida, where she developed her long-time interest in anesthesia and analgesia of non-domestic species.

Conny has held faculty positions at North Carolina State University, Oregon State University and Ontario Veterinary College. She has a strong interest in pain managements (perioperative, postoperative as well as chronic pain) and in particular in the different integrative approaches to pain relief. Conny is certified in acupuncture from the Chi Institute in Florida, and she applies Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) principles to her patients, including Chinese Herbal Medicine. In Conny’s Integrative Pain Management Service, she helps to improve the quality of life of patients experiencing chronic pain.

Dr. Mosley is also the founding director and vice president of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine ( an organization that helps understand, educate and collaborate in research in cannabinoid medicine and it’s role in veterinary medicine. Through this organization, Conny has played a crucial role in the field of cannabinoid veterinary medicine in Canada.

She has extensively been lecturing nationally and internationally on multiple topics, but with a special passion when it comes to cannabinoid medicine and integrative pain management. She continues to learn more about those fascinating subjects on a daily base.

In her spare time, Conny enjoys her two busy daughters, her even busier husband and all of their pets out in the country. Of all her pets, her Large Münsterländer `Birko’ is her favorite. She enjoys a historic novel when there is time to relax.
Integrative Techniques for Pain Management

Integrative Techniques for Pain Management

Objective: Book chapter summarizing integrate and collaborate pain management options for patients admitted to a veterinary clinic

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Invertebrate anesthesia

Invertebrate anesthesia

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Authored: Mosley CI, Lewbart GA

Published: Blackwell, 2014
Amphibian, Fish and Reptile Anesthesia

Amphibian, Fish and Reptile Anesthesia

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Comparison of non-invasive cardiac output measurement by partial carbon dioxide rebreathing with the lithium dilution technique in anesthetized dogs.

Comparison of non-invasive cardiac output measurement by partial carbon dioxide rebreathing with the lithium dilution technique in anesthetized dogs.


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Current techniques in avian anesthesia

Current techniques in avian anesthesia


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Pain Management

The Integrative Pain Service at 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital aims to improve the quality of life in animals that are suffering from pain and discomfort. We provide compassionate quality patient care and work as a team to assess and treat patient’s pain putting patient’s interest first. We use a multidisciplinary approach bringing together the expertise of our anesthesiologists, internal medicine and surgery specialists and certified acupuncture and rehabilitation therapists. In collaboration, we combine rehabilitation, physical therapy, acupuncture, conventional and alternative pain medication, gentle manual therapies, ultrasound and laser therapies to provide individualized and the most effective treatment for our patients, including palliative care. We follow the example of Human Pain Clinics, which all use an integrative approach to improve the quality of life of their patients.

To find out more information on traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Acupuncture please click here.

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