Andrea Walters

Andrea Walters
Veterinary Specialist
Emergency & Critical Care
Andrea Walters

Dr. Andrea Walters graduated with her DVM from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. After graduation, she completed a rotating internship at the University of Illinois. She then stayed on to complete a residency in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, and became a board certified criticalist in 2017. During her time at Illinois, she completed a concurrent Master’s of Science degree, with a joint focus on the connection between anaphylaxis and sepsis, and the different modalities of imaging in polytrauma.

As a criticalist at C.A.R.E., Dr. Walters is responsible for the long-term care of critical hospitalized patients, in addition to their initial stabilization in the emergency room. The addition of a criticalist to our hospital allows us to intensify the level of care of your patients, by having a dedicated ICU specialist who can provide one-on-one monitoring and management of critical patients.

Dr. Walters is available for phone consultations for pets in your hospital, and direct out-of-hospital referrals to the critical care service.

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Emergency & Critical Care

VCA Canada CARE Centre Animal Hospital Emergency Service
Any time, every time. We are here for you and your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our highly trained emergency veterinary health care team is dedicated to helping you and your companion any time of the day when your pet is sick or injured. No appointment is necessary.

Whenever possible, our veterinarians work in consultation with your primary care veterinarian.

We do everything possible to ensure that every patient receives timely access to veterinary care. Like human emergency rooms, we operate on a triage system – this means that more seriously ill or injured patients are seen before less seriously ill or injured patients. During high-volume times patients with minor ailments and injuries can experience longer wait times.

What happens “in the back”?
At times, potentially seriously injured or ill patients may be taken straight into our hospital’s triage room or treatment areas based on our triage system. These patients will be assess by a doctor immediately and receive life-saving treatment such as fluids and oxygen and/or pain medication when appropriate.

Financial Policy & Fee Structure
Each patient is charged an emergency consultation fee that covers the doctor’s initial examination and assessment. Additional fees are charged for all diagnostics and treatments required based on your pet’s medical condition. It is our policy to prepare a detailed estimate of your pet’s medical costs for your review on admission and keep clients updated on the ongoing medical costs of their hospitalized pets. We do not wish to extend anyone beyond their means. Please do not hesitate to communicate your intentions or concerns to your doctor.

Our fee schedule is structured to support a modern, fully equipped medical facility enabling our staff to deliver the highest possible quality veterinary services by highly trained staff. A 75% deposit is required for all hospitalized cases with the balance due in full at discharge.  For your convenience we accept cash, debit, AMEX, Visa & Master Card.

If you have financial concerns, please let us know as soon as possible. Whenever possible, we try to provide appropriate diagnostic and treatment options to ensure that your pet receives quality care. Please see our Payment Options page to learn about our financing options. 

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