Domestic Long Hair

Lifespan: 12 - 18 years


Weight: 11 - 22 pounds

Domestic Long Hair Traits

  • Lap Cat

    Trait Rating: 2 of 5
  • Intelligence

    Trait Rating: 4 of 5
  • Ease of Training

    Trait Rating: 3 of 5
  • Grooming Requirements

    Trait Rating: 5 of 5
  • Shedding

    Trait Rating: 5 of 5
  • Good with Children

    Trait Rating: 3 of 5
  • Good with Dogs

    Trait Rating: 3 of 5
  • Chattiness

    Trait Rating: 3 of 5

Domestic Long Hair History

  • Noted for its hunting skills of rodents, the Domestic Long Hair rode aboard ships from Europe to settle in the United States in the 1700s.
  • Technically, the Domestic Long Hair is not an official recognized breed by various cat associations, including the Cat Fanciers Association, the world's largest breed registry.

Domestic Long Hair Behavior Concerns

  • The Domestic Long Hair is capable of a wide range of temperaments because of its mixed breeding background.
  • Some can be friendly and playful while others can be shy and quiet. Others can be independent or aloof.
  • Capable of carrying on a conversation with a favorite person.

Look of Domestic Long Hairs

  • Sports a medium-sized build.
  • The coats are long and fluffy.
  • The coats come in many colors and patterns. Common ones include smoke, tabby and tortie.
  • Face shapes vary as do eye colors.

Grooming Domestic Long Hair Cats

  • This breed's coat is prone to mats and requires daily brushing.
  • Devotes above-average time each day to keeping its coat clean and tangle-free.
  • Inspect coat regularly for any heavy-matted fur that can lead to skin infections.
  • Do not cut out matted fur because you risk cutting the skin. Seek help from a professional cat groomer.
  • Not a good candidate for spending time outdoors due to its high-maintenance coat.
  • Clip its claws once a month.
  • Requires regular baths to keep its coat in top condition.

Suggested Nutritional Needs for Domestic Long Hair

  • This large breed is prone to obesity, so rely on measuring food portions to keep this cat at a healthy weight.
  • Benefits by a high-quality commercial diet.
  • Provide fresh water daily.

Fun Facts of Domestic Long Hairs

  • The Domestic Long Hair is the same breed as the Domestic Short Hair and the Domestic Medium with the only difference the length of the coat.
  • Nicknamed the "American Long Hair" cat.
  • Believed to serve as the basis for the launch of specific purebreds, including the American Shorthair.
Domestic Medium Hair:
  • Features thick, double-coated fur.
Domestic Short Hair:
  • Features short, sleek fur
  • Some DSH resemble the American Shorthair, a breed recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association.

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