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Working With You

Our referring veterinarians are an integral part of our Referral & Specialty Services. We want to ensure we are providing you with the resources and tools you need.

Should your clients’ pets require emergency or critical care services, we offer Critical Care and 24 Hour Emergency Service. A team of emergency and critical care veterinarians, technicians, and support staff is on the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to work with and support both you and your clients.
Early Referrals

Early Referrals

We encourage early referrals when we have the best chance of making a difference to an animal’s health and well-being. Early referrals allow the specialist to set up an appropriate treatment regimen to allow the referring veterinarian to effectively manage their patients over time.

We value the special relationships we enjoy with our referring veterinarians and will constantly strive to work with you and your clients in a flexible and responsive manner that takes into account your special interests and wishes, and the unique needs of your clients.

We will not accept any referred clients as regular patients.

All referred emergency clients return to the referring veterinarian as soon as their pet’s condition is stabilized. Your clients sign a waiver indicating that all follow-up care and re-checks will be provided by you, their family veterinarian.
Referral and Emergency Transfer Forms

Referral and Emergency Transfer Forms

To transfer a patient to our emergency or specialty departments, please fill out our referral form and submit online.

Please note that for transfers to the Emergency departments, we ask that you please contact us prior to sending your patient so that we may discuss the case with you. We hope to make the transfer of care a smooth and positive experience for your clients and patients.

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