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Referral Process

Our Veterinary Referral Process

At Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre, we work with you to ensure your clients and patients receive the care and attention they need. To help facilitate a seamless experience, we have outlined our referral process below.

  1. When a referral is submitted via the online form, it will be processed within 48 hours. A referral coordinator will create/update the client and patient file with all relevant medical and contact information. Having accurate and up-to-date information for your client is essential to a smooth referral experience. Any missing information may cause a delay in booking consults and treatment. If your referral is urgent, please call us to discuss.
  2. Once the file has been compiled, our specialists will review the file and provide direction on scheduling the appointment. All referrals are triaged before booking.
  3. Based on the specialist's direction, our referral coordinator will contact the client to book a consult. Our Radiation Therapy department coordinates all of their bookings and communications.
  4. A referral coordinator will email the client and referring veterinary hospital with the appointment information at the time of booking. The goal of this is for the referring practice to be included in the entire booking process and to stay informed on your patient's progress.

Referrals are valid for 3 months. In that time, a referral coordinator will call the client three times. After these three phone attempts, the client will be emailed. If we have not been successful in booking the patient after these efforts to contact the client, you will receive a non-compliance letter for that referral. This letter states that the client has not booked a consultation based on your referral, and there will be no further attempts by us to do so.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss referring a client, please contact Mikaela, Twyla or Ken, our referral coordinators, at 403-770-1340.

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