“As a specialist, I rely on the VCA support system that is critical to my professional development, including extensive continuing medical education and direct contact with my regional medical director. For business related support my hospital manager and regional operations director are always available, and I love meeting people and expanding my network within the VCA family.”

Veterinary Specialists and Specialty Technicians

Veterinary Specialists are a cornerstone of the care provided by VCA Animal Hospitals. With more than 85 specialty hospitals and over 600 board certified doctors, we are able to offer every available treatment option to patients and their families. Our 3,700 credentialed veterinary technicians and veterinary technician specialists deliver exceptional patient care and are the backbone of every VCA Animal Hospital.

We know you have questions about a career with VCA, so we have assembled some FAQs. 
Interested in current openings for veterinarians or technicians at VCA Animal Hospitals?  Visit www.vcacareers.com and search by location or job title.

Why Work For VCA


Our specialty practices are enthusiastic about hosting veterinary student externs. Veterinary students in their 3rd or 4th year of school can apply for an externship with VCA Animal Hospitals as part of their formal externship blocks. Start your application online at www.vcacareers.com.

We know you have questions about externships with VCA, so we have assembled some FAQs.

Extern FAQ's


As the largest postgraduate provider of veterinary education in North America, VCA believes in the benefit of one-year paid internships for veterinary graduates, providing intensive training and real-world practice experience. In 2019, VCA engaged 183 interns, and of those interested in residencies, 85% found a placement as a specialty intern or resident following their internship.

We know you have questions about internships with VCA, so we have assembled some FAQs.

Internship FAQs

Join The VCA Team

At VCA, the value of pet care is no different than human care.

It’s a commitment shared by all of us. At VCA, helping pets is what we do. That’s why we invest in the very best technologies. And why we invite the very best people to join us. How can your talent make an impact at VCA? Take a closer look. Then take your passion for pet care to an all new level.

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