Our Diagnostic Imaging service is fully staffed with a board-certified radiologist in hospital 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday).

The Diagnostic Imaging service at TVEH helps investigate patients' problems by using a number of techniques, including radiography, ultrasonography and cross-sectional imaging (computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)). These images are used to identify abnormalities and to help diagnose diseases. As well, these tools can aid in obtaining biopsies, help determine treatment choice, or monitor the results of treatment.

The Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital has a fully-equipped diagnostic imaging service, including two full time board-certified radiologists, Dr. Colleen Mitchell and Dr. Shawn MacKenzie. They are the only board-certified radiologists in private practice in Toronto. The department is equipped with 2 digital radiography units, 3 ultrasound machines, fluoroscopy, CT and MRI. We take pride in being able to meet all of your pet's imaging needs on-site, promptly and expertly. In addition to providing TVEH patients with imaging expertise, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. MacKenzie offer consulting services for referring veterinarians. Radiographs can be sent electronically (digital radiographs), or via mail or courier (film radiographs). Our Radiologists will promptly send a report of radiological findings to the primary care veterinarian. We also perform outpatient ultrasound examinations for our referring veterinarians.

Our diagnostic imaging team would be happy to answer any questions about our services. Feel free to call or email at any time.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Team

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