Nessa Forde

Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre Team
Diagnostic Imaging, Internal Medicine
Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre Team

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Dr. Nessa Forde completed her veterinary degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2012. Following graduation she returned to Calgary and became the first small animal rotating intern at Western. Dr. Forde has since worked at Western as an emergency veterinarian and as a clinical associate supporting various speciality services.

Currently, Dr. Forde helps to oversee patients referred for out patient imaging and is an associate for the Internal Medicine service.

Dr. Forde spends her weekends in the mountains with her family, either skiing, mountain biking or hiking. While she doesn’t have her own pets, she loves to foster dogs until they can be reunited with their family or find a forever home.
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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging encompasses the disciplines of radiography, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy and three-dimensional imaging (computerized tomography, or CT, and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI). Images acquired using these technologies are used to help differentiate normal from abnormal anatomy and to help determine the cause of disease. When correlated with your pet's concerns, it allows for the creation of individualized recommendations to help expedite your pet's recovery.

Imaging studies may be recommended by one of our veterinarians during your pet's stay at our hospital.  Alternatively, if your family veterinarian wishes to refer you in, you can schedule an outpatient appointment.  Our team of highly trained radiologists, associate veterinarians and technicians will perform the necessary diagnostic and report the findings back to your veterinarian such that he/she can create a plan for your pet.

Digital radiography, ultrasonography, fluoroscopy and computerized tomography are offered on-site. We can help arrange for off-site magnetic resonance imaging if it is indicated.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Team

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