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Dr Johanson
Emergency Care
Dr Johanson
Dr. Johanson hails originally from Edmonton, however she spent several years of her childhood living off the grid in the jungles of Belize. This did several things for Amber: cured her fear of insects, created a deep-rooted love for the natural world, and ruined her Canadian tolerance for cold. After migrating back to Canada, her heat seeking behavior eventually brought her west, where she settled in Victoria. Dr. Johanson studied biology at the University of Victoria, where she completed an honors thesis in behavioral ecology. This experience revealed that research was not as Indiana Jones as she had hoped, so she went in pursuit of something a bit more exciting.

Dr. Johanson returned to the Caribbean to study veterinary medicine at St. Matthew’s University on the island of Grand Cayman. Her clinical year of study was at Washington State University, where she realized her passion for emergency and critical care, which nicely suited her nocturnal biorhythms. Dr. Johanson began working emergency in her hometown for several years before happily returning to Victoria in 2017.

When Dr. Johanson is not spending her nights at the hospital, she enjoys hiking, running, yoga, and evening couch cuddles with her “sons”: three dogs she rescued from the streets of Grand Cayman. Dr. Johanson hopes to someday be a snowbird, overwintering in Costa Rica.
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Emergency Care

Emergencies happen. When they do, our highly trained emergency veterinary healthcare team is dedicated to helping you and your companion any time of the day. No appointment is necessary. Whenever possible, our veterinarians work in consultation with your primary care veterinarian.


We do everything possible to ensure that every patient receives timely access to veterinary care. Like human emergency rooms, we operate on a triage system – this means that more seriously ill or injured patients are seen before less seriously ill or injured patients. During high-volume times patients with minor ailments and injuries can experience longer wait times.

What happens “in the back”?

At times, potentially seriously injured or ill patients may be taken straight into our hospital’s triage room or treatment areas based on our triage system. These patients will be assess by a doctor immediately and receive life-saving treatment such as fluids and oxygen and/or pain medication when appropriate.

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