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Dr. Tracy Cornish began her career in a mixed veterinary practice (treating farm and companion animals) . After several years in this very busy practice, she focused her veterinary interests on emergency medicine and surgery. Dr. Cornish has been an emergency clinician at the Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital since 1988. She has been very involved in developing the emergency service at our hospital, and helped it grow from an after hours service into the twenty-four hour care we now provide. She has a strong interest in improving patient care as well as staff and client education.

Dr. Cornish has also been actively involved in other areas of the veterinary profession. She has served as secretary-treasurer, vice-president and president of the College of Veterinarians of BC. In 2005 she became involved with Veterinarians without Borders. With VWB-Canada, and subsequently with GAAP (The Global Alliance for Animals and People), Dr. Cornish traveled to Guatemala yearly (2009 to 2013), to work on canine health projects in Mayan communities. This work is very challenging and rewarding, as she has been able to bring the skills and expertise gained at CVVH to communities with no veterinary care.

Dr. Cornish is currently finishing a Master’s degree with Simon Fraser University’s Graduate Liberal Studies faculty. When not working or studying, she keeps busy by running, hiking and kayaking, and enjoys the opportunity to travel whenever possible. She now has a running buddy in the form of Pila, a little Guatemalan puppy rescued in November 2010. Pila has adapted well to life in Victoria.

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Emergency Care

Emergencies happen. When they do, our highly trained emergency veterinary healthcare team is dedicated to helping you and your companion any time of the day. No appointment is necessary. Whenever possible, our veterinarians work in consultation with your primary care veterinarian.


We do everything possible to ensure that every patient receives timely access to veterinary care. Like human emergency rooms, we operate on a triage system – this means that more seriously ill or injured patients are seen before less seriously ill or injured patients. During high-volume times patients with minor ailments and injuries can experience longer wait times.

What happens “in the back”?

At times, potentially seriously injured or ill patients may be taken straight into our hospital’s triage room or treatment areas based on our triage system. These patients will be assess by a doctor immediately and receive life-saving treatment such as fluids and oxygen and/or pain medication when appropriate.

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